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The Cloud Advisory Council is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to develop the next generation cloud architecture, to provide cloud designers and IT managers with the tools needed to enable computing in the cloud, to strengthen the qualification and integration of cloud solutions and to provide best practices. The Cloud Advisory Council is led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners and corporations.

Cloud Advisory Council Objectives:

The Cloud Advisory Council Board Members

Cloud Advisory Chairman
Kevin Deierling -
Kevin Deierling serves as the Cloud Advisory Chairman. Kevin Deierling serves as Mellanox's vice president of marketing. Deierling has contributed to multiple technology standards and has over 20 patents and was a contributing author of a text on BiCmos design. Mr. Deierling holds a BA in Solid State Physics from UC Berkeley.

High performance Cloud Group Chair
Paul Rad -
As Vice President of Technology, Paul is responsible for building an enterprise ready computing platform based on Rackspace Open Hybrid Cloud. Paul started his career as a computer architect by founding Data Processing Corp, overseas before moving to the United States, and later held product and services leadership roles at Data Concepts and Dell Inc. He has numerous published articles on enterprise solutions and holds several U.S. patents in the fields of virtualization, cloud computing, software engineering and quality assurance. Paul holds a Master of Computer Architecture from Sharif University and a Master of Computer Science from University of Texas. Paul has been a strong supporter of connecting university and industry in order to build the future workforce. He is a standing committee member of Quantitative Literacy at University of Texas at San Antonio.

Cloud Advisory Council Group Chair for Cloud Performance
Kenny Li -
Kenny is the co-founder and CEO of Cloud Spectator, an analyst firm focused on the IaaS industry (based in Boston, MA) serving global clients. Since 2011, Li has supervised the CloudSpecs division of the company, the application designed to automatically assess and compare performance of IaaS systems over time. Leveraging data from the CloudSpecs application, Li and his team work to set a standard in performance for the IaaS industry, guiding IaaS providers with messaging and cloud users with selection strategy.

Cloud Advisory Council Co-Chairman for Open Source Eco-system
David Fishman -
David is responsible for putting Mirantis front and center with customers and developers across OpenStack and the open source ecosystem. He has over two decades of experience in IT marketing, business and operations across a range of technology domains.

At Lucene/big data startup Lucid Imagination, David joined the founding team and served as VP Product Marketing. At HP, he was Director of Enterprise Products for Global Mobile Handhelds. At Sun Microsystems, he served as Director of the SW Update SaaS product line. He anchored the team that took startup Mercury Interactive public.

David has worked in datacenter disciplines such as reliability and high availability, performance, application development, open source and service level management/SLAs. He is also an experienced Six Sigma Master Blackbelt. He is notorious for his wicked sense of humor and recently ran his first marathon. David holds an MBA from Yale.

Director of the Cloud Advisory Council, Asia
Tong Liu -
Mr. Tong Liu is the Director of the Cloud Advisory Council for Asia. Mr. Liu has over 12 years experience of strong technical background in HPC and high-speed interconnect, including 9 years working in the US. Mr. Liu is also a guest professor at various China universities where he introduces advanced technology to younger generations. Mr. Liu has had over 30 publications at international conferences and magazines in the HPC and Big Data markets.

Cloud Advisory Council Advisor
Gilad Shainer -
Gilad Shainer serves a the Cloud Advisory Council advisor. Mr. Shainer brings vast experience in the areas of large scale compute and storage infrastructures. He holds an M.Sc. degree (2001) and a B.Sc. degree (1998) in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel. Mr. Shainer holds multiple patents in the field of high-speed networking.

Cloud Advisory Council Advisor - Green Clouds
Derek Tong -
Derek Tong is the Sales Director for Supermicro, an end-to-end green computing solutions company for HPC, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, Hadoop/Big Data and Embedded Systems worldwide.

Derek brings over 17 years of experience from data center, networking, and computing sector. Prior companies include; Global Center / Exodus Communication, AT&T, and Cable & Wireless. Derek holds an MBA from San Jose State University