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Cloud 500

The Cloud500 initiative is an open community-based effort for benchmarking IaaS Cloud providers. The objective is to develop an end-to-end application-layer benchmark for Cloud applications to enable ranking of IaaS Cloud providers according to a well-defined, verifiable/audited performance metric, with an accompanying efficiency metric.

Open Source

The Cloud Advisory Council Open Source Eco-system will help bridge suppliers to the Open Cloud marketplace with implementers and operators, helping them discover and evaluate the technologies available to build their cloud platform.
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Green Clouds

Delivering green, scalable Cloud services in Data Center environments requires the highest levels of dynamic resource management across infrastructure, service and power management systems. Providing maximum flexibility, expandability and power conservation depends on implementing the right combinations of energy efficient server, storage, and software solutions aligned with specific application requirements.
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Open BigCloud

Open BigCloud group advances the understanding of how the revolutionary paradigm of cloud computing can be applied at extreme scales of computing, data processing, and integration with instruments. Those issues constitute the cornerstone of future innovation and require a broad spectrum of expertise ranging across architectures, networking, devops, and software systems.
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