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Open BigCloud Group

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Open BigCloud

Infrastructure clouds created a revolution in how we think of resource procurement and are now rapidly joining high-performance computing as viable computational platforms for engineering and scientific computation. It is clear that production computational infrastructure will have to integrate both these paradigms in the near future – but the understanding of cloud applicability at extreme scales of computing, storage, and network management is still a research frontier. This group wants to advance progress in understanding how the revolutionary capabilities of infrastructure clouds can be harnessed at extreme scales of computing (Big Computing), data processing (Big Data), and interaction (Big Instruments).

Development of mass market technology provides incentives often leading to breakthroughs in both technological and economic factors that can be leveraged in multiple sectors. Science and scientific requirements often push the "bleeding edge" in terms of data management and processing, eventually securing a broader outlet for the developed technologies. And finally, no targeted technology development can take place without a thorough understanding of the variety of needs driving adoption. Our belief is therefore that to provide a meaningful conversation in this space and close the gap between requirements and technology, we need to bring together industry leaders, scientists and technologists to foster discussion on relevant challenges, opportunities and technology trajectories.

Our specific objectives will be as follows: